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1. He's going to accidentally run over his dog.

2. She has cancer.

3. They will find her little girl. Too late.

4. He finds a better job.

5. She loses her cell phone for the tenth time.

6. Lotto Winner, ten bucks.

7. Crayons in the dryer. Again.

8. He's gay.

9. She wants a divorce.

10. He's going to go home, eat dinner, put the kids to bed and then kill himself.
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!. Knitting

@. Walking on Stilts

#. Unicycle riding

$. Rubik's Cube Speed Solving

%. Skiing

^. Doing crosswords in ink

&. Being able to sleep standing up would be neat

*. Making sugar cookie dough

♥. Drawing

♦. Programing my DVD/VCR

I can already juggle, so I guess THAT's my lot, eh?
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A gift, a talent, a blessing. A nice little parlor trick that makes you fun at parties. It makes you interesting, that’s what my mother tells me. I guess it does, maybe for about fifteen minutes and if you don’t think about it too much or look at it too deeply.

Be a fortune teller, a clairvoyant, predict the future…sounds good, right? Cool, awesome, impressive. It’s not. It’s tiring. Depressing. Painful, even. It’s a burden and a terror. Sure, it’s a lot of fun to playfully run fingers over someone’s palm and be able to smile, tell them they are going to have a good week or fall in love with ‘the one’. Nice to look at a pair of hands and know they belong to someone who will live a long, productive life.

That doesn’t happen as often as you might think. No, there always seems to be more bad news or negative…stuff swirling around the human race than good. How do I tell someone the unpleasant? Should I, even? They are never receptive or appreciative of that. Believe me, learned that lesson fast.

So how do you go about knowing these things about people and not tell them? Is it wrong to protect them? Is it protecting them, this ignorance I let them keep? Maybe it’s protecting myself.

So don’t read palms if it bothers me, seems like the viable and brilliant solution to my problem doesn’t it? If only. I’m a people person. I’m a tactile person. You don’t realize how often you place your hands on other people, take their hands in yours, until you consciously force yourself not to.

That’s right; it’s more than looking at someone’s ‘love line’ that I’m talking about. It’s feeling the temperature of their flesh, the texture of their skin, pressing our hands palm to palm to make that connection. Sometimes, all it takes is a brief touch, a bumping of shoulders even, to pick up on someone’s energy or vibes, aura if you want to call it that. I’m not big on mystical terminology or magical phenomena—I just do what I do.

I don’t want to cut myself off from human contact; I don’t want to deprive myself of comfort and joy. I also don’t want to inadvertently pry where I shouldn’t and there are things I really do not want to know about people.

Some days, I wish it had an off switch, that’s all.

Chantal Weller
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1. That friend with benefits

2. Lazy Sundays

3. Chocolate fondue

4. Jamba Juice

5. Annual trip to Disneyland to ride It's a Small World

6. Snooze buttons

7. Bodice Rippers

8. Putting Harry Potter on the same shelf as Shakespeare

9. Over the Rhine

10. My weakness for certain dairy...yeah, yeah...some vegetarian I am. Swiss cheese is too good to not eat.
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1. Wake up

2. Shower

3. Boil water for tea

4. Open the store

5. Close the store

6. Cook at least two meals

7. Yoga

8. Consider shaving my head

9. Put lotion on my hands

10. Read


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