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Things to know about Chantal:

She’s 35, 5’6” and moderately athletic

Yes, that hair is naturally curly and it irritates her to no end some days

The inventory of her bookstore is ever-changing, as are her interests and obsessions.

Palm reading is only part of what she does, a bit of a cover for just how strong some of her intuition and flashes of insight can be.

She cannot see into her own future, she refers to this as a Cosmic Insurance Policy though she doesn’t know how or why it works this way.

She doesn’t discuss this ‘gift’ very often. Most days she doesn’t even want it.

She considers herself a vegetarian even thought she’ll binge on certain dairy products at times. Basically, she refuses to eat flesh (fowl, seafood and any other animal included)

Loves Santa Barbara, hates L.A. traffic and therefore tends to stay close to home.

Except for her annual trip to Disneyland. And she may be the only person over the age of three to look forward to and enjoy It’s A Small World.

She is a neat freak, a place for everything and everything in its place.

To date, she owns no less that 47 pairs of flip flops. They are the footwear of choice because it’s as close as she can get to going into places of business barefoot. The ‘flops range from dollar store tacky to what she considers upscale and formal.


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